Empower customer service teams with Artificial Intelligence

Proactive engagement tools for businesses to connect with real-time customers preferred conversational channels

Why use ThruAI

Real-time & Autonomous

We’ve combined real-time updates and autonomous capabilities to
give customer service agents exactly what they need, when they need it. AI model always listens to the conversations in real time to learn and waits for the opportunity to help the support

Smart Routing

When a customer contacts the company, the AI model answers their questions
without human intervention and for the complex issues the conversation gets smart routed to
the support agent who is an expert to resolve that particular issue.

Customer Segmentation

segments customer inquiries by using numerous factors like their
emotion (happy, angry, frustrated, etc.), customer lifetime value (VIP customers, etc.) to help
businesses to prioritize their support.

Multiple User Engagement

AI makes it easy to interact effectively and efficiently with multiple
customers in real-time. Perfect for scaling businesses that are looking for the optimal way to
grow a customer support team.


Uncover meaningful ways to connect with your customers through the channels of
their choice. Our AI model monitors all the social media channels for concerns and feedbacks
from the customers. AI and human engage with those customers to delight their experience.

Multi Channel Support & Integration

Integrate with SMS, chat applications, and CRMs. Companies can integrate with any communication channel and have the ability to
choose between standalone CRM or CRMs of their preference with zero coding.


Natural Language Processing

Our NLP and artificial intelligence platform combine to provide the most realistic automation of customer support to date.

Deep learning and reinforcement learning

Techniques to understand the data from the business knowledge base,FAQs, tickets, and chat conversations, from which the AI model suggest the proper response to the support agents. When a customer contacts the company, the AI model answers their questions without human intervention.

Emotional Intelligence

We created a system to identify the emotion of the person from the given text, and now we are using that to route those customers to right customer support agent.

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Integrate with popular SMS, chat applications, and CRMs.

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